There have been several articles published in King County, highlighting the efforts of local law enforcement to “crack down” on the sex trade by arresting clients of sex workers en masse. According to this article in the Seattle Times, there were 105 arrests of clients in 3 months as a result of stings targeting men seeking consensual paid sex with an adult women. This recent article in the Kent Reporter states that 26 men were arrested in one day, amounting to a tidy sum of $46,500 in fines and penalties:

Council President Dana Ralph praised the work of the police department’s sting at the Nov. 4 council meeting. She said as a result of fees and fines in known areas of prostitution and other fees against the “johns,” the operation brought in $46,500 to the city. She said half of that money will go to programs to support victims of prostitution.” — Steve Hunter, Kent Reporter

SWOP-Seattle is opposed to the crackdown to “End Demand”, seeing this efforts as a criminal means of prohibition that will not only fail, but that will enforce racism, classism, and harmful stereotypes of those involved in the sex trade. SWOP-Seattle opposes the Nordic model of prostitution, which these police initiatives are taking inspiration from. For more information on problems with the Nordic Model and “End Demand” strategies, see this informative article by Charlie Glickman.