SWOP-Seattle’s decision making council is composed entirely of unpaid,

current and retired sex worker volunteers.

Recently we’ve seen on-line and heard at a recent panel discussion an argument against sex worker advocacy organizations’ position on policy and law.  The argument has been that those who are involved in the sex workers’ rights movement have too much privilege to speak on behalf of others, and that we are a small minority of the population of sex workers.

We cannot deny that many of us (not all) do come from a place of privilege, which enables the ability to do the advocacy work that we do.  This makes us no less capable than other existing organizations to speak about issues within the sex industry.

We urge you to do as we do – listen to what sex workers themselves have been saying in masses on an international level.  How can we ignore events like this?

Thousands of sex workers march for rights in India


Alternative International AIDS Conference at Sonagachi


Nothing about us, without us!