ESPLERP Updates for January 2016

2016 is off to a rip roaring start!

The big news is that three New Hampshire legislators have proposed legislation (NH House Bill 1614) to decriminalize prostitution. Our board member, Bella Robinson, provided invaluable help with their press conference and testimony at the very first hearing!  Here is the video –

If you have time to review the text and write a letter supporting it, here is the link to do so –

And MoveOn has a petition to sign

With crafty wordsmithing from our new board member, Claire Alwyne, we released a series of press releases –  One is about our finally released Policy Agenda for 2016, which provides a roadmap for legislators looking to understand the legislative consequences of decriminalizing sex work – Of course, as soon as it was available, we sent the Policy Agenda to the New Hampshire legislators working on NH House Bill 1614.


Court Watch

Late last year, Federal Court Judge White asked us to write a supplemental brief based on Obergefell v Hodges, the historic June 2015 Supreme Court ruling that ruled unconstitutional states’ ban on same sex marriage, which occurred after we had filed out case in March 2015. We filed that on January 15, 2016 – The defendants filed their response on January 29, 2016 – We are not lawyers – but these are both good reads.

As far as we know, Judge White will not require any further briefs, and will rule based on the submissions so far. So we are waiting for a decision. Unfortunately there is no schedule or deadline for a decision, so we will just have to wait.

But whether we win at this level or not, whichever party loses will almost certainly appeal to the Ninth Circuit of Appeals. The state has deep pockets but we need to build our legal war chest so that we can afford to pay our lawyers to represent us at the Ninth Circuit of Appeals.


2015 Year End Report

We produced our year end report for you – our wonderful supporters and donors. The highlights are:

  1. ESPLERP held 2 press conferences and sent out 6 press releases during 2015.  Our organization and court case received coverage in 25 pieces of media in print, audio and video at the local and national level.
  2. We had a series of matching fundraisers which not only succeeded in doubling the original donation but exceeded every matching goal.
  3. 350 donors raised $40,318.26 during 2015 with 94% going to court case costs. The rest went to legal education and overhead costs, which are low at this time because we have no paid staff yet.
  4. We ended the year with no outstanding invoices!

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