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As with all prior “End Demand” actions taken by law enforcement in the past two years, SWOP-Seattle is dismayed and outraged by the use of public funds by the SPD, in setting up its own brothel and asking its female officers to get out of uniform, ‘making men comfortable to agree to pay for sex’; and at the Seattle Times for not questioning, just publishing, the propaganda they were handed.

This action harms both people who are engaging in buying and selling of sex in a healthy way, and those who might be forced or coerced and would rather not be in the industry.

This approach Does Not Help.

But you’re reading the SWOP Seattle blog.  You know entrapment stings don’t improve the situation.

What can you do?

How can you talk to people in comment threads?  Around the water cooler?  How can you engage effectively with people who’ve bought into the ‘anti trafficking’ hysteria?

Educate yourself.

Here’s a great explanation of sex work laws, with a worldwide perspective, what’s being tried, how it impacts the issue:

The time to stand up and have these conversations is now.  Well intentioned, but very damaging laws and approaches are on the move in Seattle and Washington state.  Your voice absolutely can help influence this in the right direction when you talk with your friends, family, social media and elected officials.

Stay calm, stay kind.

Don’t stay silent.