On December 17th, we gather to remember sex workers who have lost their lives due to violence, stigma, oppression, and discrimination. This year, we hold vigil for 136 individuals who have lost their lives.

Please join us as we honor our dead, gather as a community, and heal.


Saturday, Dec 17th
11am-2pm: Sex Workers Only

Discussion circles for current and retired sex workers. Please RSVP to rsvp@swop-seattle.org for more information.

5pm-9pm: Community Vigil & Dinner
Merchant Cafe, Pioneer Square
We will gather at 5pm at the Merchant, and depart for a walk to Westlake Center at 5:30, where we will hold a vigil. We will return to the Merchant and have a community meal at 6:30pm, and share thoughts and words about our reflections on this somber day. The meal will likely be spaghetti and salad, we are very sorry we are unable to accommodate gluten free (and likely dairy free) diets at this event.

Sex work is not inherently dangerous. The danger comes from criminalization, societal stigma, police brutality and negligence, racism, transphobia, and domestic violence. In Seattle, we are currently faced with End Demand tactics, attempts by law enforcement to frighten clients out of the sex trade with arrests and stings. These attempt are not only futile in eradicating the sex trade, but they make conditions considerably more dangerous for sex workers in removing reliable and safe clients from the pool, and making screening of new clients near to impossible. We need to decriminalize sex work, so that workers can have access to legal recourse, and avoid criminal records that prevent access to housing, jobs, and social services. We need to address root issues of poverty, mental health, immigration, and discrimination, all of which put people in positions of having to risk their safety in order to survive. We need to address police brutality, and the negligence of law enforcement to protect sex workers and follow up on crimes committed against the. We need the violence to STOP.