SWOP-Seattle is a grassroots, volunteer-run 5019(c)3 non-profit. That said, we’ll try to get back to your email as soon as we can…but sometimes there is a delay in our response. If you need to reach us ASAP, please up “URGENT” in the headline. Thanks!

Contact from allies, supporters, other organizations, and general inquiries may be made here.

Current and retired sex workers, or those seeking help or assistance, please contact us here.
(sex workers are welcome to apply to SEPIA! Check it out…)

Journalists, reporters, and those seeking an interview – We are happy to talk to you!  Before contacting us, please take some time to review our Sex Trade Industry Information Package  This information was compiled for quick reference of a variety of commonly discussed and asked about topics.
Here is a handy Style Guide for writing accurately and ethically about sex work