This will be the second time we gather to memorialize the death of safer sex work. Please join us for a peaceful art protest, which symbolizes the dangers sex workers face since the passing of congressional bills SESTA and FOSTA, which has removed life-saving safety tools from the internet.

2:00pm – Meet at the Merchant Cafe & Saloon
2:30pm – Start the funeral march.
Wear comfortable walking shoes.
Wear black. This is a funeral. We will have veils for you.


Following the passage of SESTA, a sex worker group called COYOTE-RI conducted an impact survey and documented 260 responses. Here are some facts drawn from the data:

– 77% (201 people) reported sex work as their sole income
– 75% (197 people) are supported between 1-3 defendants

Within 2 Weeks of Backpage Shutting Down…

– Over 65% of participants report earning less income
– 25% (65 people) reported being unable to support themselves or their defendants, because their source of income was gone.
– 30% of participants report having stopped screening clients, or having lowered their safety standards.
– 60% (156 people) report having taken sessions with less safe clients, out of financial desperation
– Between 6-10% of participants were evicted

We are still processing the data to illustrate how many sex workers are being approached by pimps, who see this new environment as ripe for taking control.

SWOP-Seattle is aware of one death linked to a young woman going out onto the streets to work, as a result of having nowhere online to advertise. We are aware of one suicide linked to the overwhelming stress SESTA has caused. These are only the incidents we know of.


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