Once a month, current and retired sex workers involved with SEPIA get together for a casual brunch. This is a social event, and anyone who is a member of SEPIA may attend. This brunch is a pot luck, and you’re welcome to bring a dish, snack, or beverage to share.

Ground Rules for SEPIA social events:

  • Whorearchy is Unwelcome: We recognize that sex work is performed in many ways, for many reasons. We do not judge or discriminate against any of our peers for their working methods.
  • Don’t Project Assumptions: We all have different feelings about and experiences with sex work. We do not assume that others in our group have the same perspectives that we do.
  • We Call Each Other In: We come from many different backgrounds, and we all carry ignorance and prejudices which we may or may not be aware of. As a community, we directly address problematic statements or actions, under the assumption that the offense was a mistake. We do this in order to build a safer and more welcoming community for all sex workers. We offer each other education when we can, and we ask for more information when we need it.
  • Privacy Matters: For the safety of our members, we do not share or post information about who attends our events, or what was discussed. We do not take photos or videos at our social events, without the explicate consent of everyone present.