Monday Dec 3 from 6-8pm
free event (donations welcome)
City Hall (Bertha Knight Landes Room) 600 4th Ave, Seattle

In April 2018, two congressional bills passed that have had dire consequences for sex workers across the country. Since the passing of SESTA and FOSTA, sex workers across the country have had to swiftly adapt to an increasingly hostile landscape, one which increases the criminalization of our communication, screening, and advertising efforts, and which increasingly leaves us having to choose between our safety and our ability to make a living.

In this panel, queer, trans, and sex workers of color will share their insights on the impacts of SESTA and FOSTA. This panel will be a chance to understand the ramifications of “well intentioned” policies from the perspectives of people who are effected by this bad legislation.

Poster artwork by Suprihmbé, @thotscholar
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This event is sponsored by the Seattle LGBTQ City Commission
For disability accommodations or accessibility information, contact Kari Lerum at or 425-352-3588