Current and Retired Sex Workers

Consider joining SEPIA!  “The Society of Erotic Professionals In Action.”

SEPIA is a community group of sex workers and retired sex workers, and the core organizers for SWOP-Seattle.  SEPIA hosts monthly planning meetings, brunch socials, skill-shares, and other special events. Members of SEPIA are empowered individuals who desire to create community, and to elevate safety and professional standards within the sex industry.

For the safety of the group, we verify all members as having experience in our industry. In order to screen new members, we ask a simple series of questions, which we have listed below. We will not share this info with anyone else. We use this information to verify that you are a current or retired sex worker. Wondering if you qualify as a sex worker?  See  this helpful Wikipedia article for ore information.

SEPIA has a private mail list for news, event, and social announcements. If you would like to join SEPIA, please send us an email at answering these questions:

Preferred Name:
Email Address:
Are you a current sex worker?:
If you are retired, when did you work?:
Why would you like to join SEPIA?:
What type of work do you/did you do?:
Tell us a little bit about your experience as a sex worker:
Do you have any links to reviews of advertisements of your work? If so, please provide:
Do you know anyone currently involved in SE{IA who could serve as your reference?:
How did you hear about our group?:

If you are seeking other resources about health, legal information, or other organizations, please see our sex worker resource guide.


Mary Magdalene