Below is a list of online articles we have started compiling, which speak to sex work in politics, society, and our culture. This is by no means a complete list of articles, it is simply a starting point.

We will be adding to this list, and we welcome submissions at info(at)

Sex Trafficking Controversy

The violations of human rights within the sex trade are a reality that all of us wish to see eliminated. However, the sex worker rights community generally feels that the current trend towards “Ending Demand” for sexual services and “rescuing” people from the sex trade are moralistic, abolitionist, and often misinformed approaches that actually do more harm than good. Below are articles related to the controversy around current issues of human sex trafficking.

Village Voice:
Real Men Get Their Facts Straight

Village Voice:
CNN Leads Media’s Mass Paranoia Over A Non-Existant Epidemic

The Washington Post
Lies, Damned Lies and Sex Workers Statistics

Somaly Mam: The Saint (and Sinner) of Sex Trafficking

New York Times
The Price of a Sex-Slave Rescue Fantasy

The London School of Economics and Political Science
Research shows that minor sex trafficking narratives do not reflect the experience of many domestic sex workers

The Guardian
Soho Police Raids Show Why Sex Workers Live in Fear of Being “Rescued”

Tits and Sass
Dragged Off by the Hair: An Indian Sex Worker Recalls a Raid

Operation Cross Country VII Roundup and Comments

Rescue is for Kittens: 10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About “Rescues” of Youth in the Sex Trade

Sex Worker Stigma
7 Myths About Sex Workers

Branded: The Fight for Employment After Sex Work

Ethical Sluts and “Dirty Whores”: Straight Talk About Sex Work

Cato Unbound
Treating Sex Work as Work

The Importance of Writing Accurately About Sex Work

Criminalization, Legalization, and Decriminalization

Charlie Glickman, PhD.
End Demand is Bad for Sex Workers

Open Society Foundations
10 Reasons to Decriminalize Sex Work

Study: Rhode Island Accidentally Decriminalized Prostitution, and Good Things Happened

Canada’s Supreme Court Striking Down Prostitution Laws

Feminist Ire
Enduring (the) Myths: Sex Work, Decriminalization, and the Nordic Model

The Globe & Mail
For Sex Workers, The Nordic Model Still Falls Short

What the Swedish Model Gets Wrong About Prostitution

The Guardian
I Am a Former Escort, and Trust Me, Criminalizing Prostitution Doesn’t Help

The Toast
Something Rotten in the State of Sweden

In These Times
What India’s Sex Workers Want: Power, Not Rescue

The Atlantic
What is Was Like to Work a the Lusty Lady, a Unionized Strip Club