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Blogs created by sex workers

Mistress Matisse Seattle writer/professional dominatrix’s personal musings, rants 
Tits and Sass a group blog run by sex workers commenting on our industry
The Honest Courtesan writings by the ever poignant and prolific Maggie McNeill
Research for Sex Work, produced by the Global Network of Sex Worker Projects

Art, Books, Films, and Performances
More resources illustrating the perspective of sex workers

Art, Festivals & Performance

SASS – Seattle Annual Sex Work Symposium
Desiree Alliance
San Francisco Sex Workers Film & Art Festival

Hos, Hookers, Call Girls and Rent Boys ed. David Henry Sterry (2009) [Autobiographical Essays] Rent Girl, Michelle Tea (2004) [Autobiographical] Paying for It, Chester Brown (2011) [Autobiographical account by a client] $pread Magazine (production ended as of Fall, 2011)

Sex Workers Demand an End to “End Demand” – Episode 34
by The Whorecast with Siouxsie Q
Get your trench-coat and notepad ready, because Siouxsie Q, was spotted last week in front of the San Francisco Public Library…during an abolitionist Anti-Trafficking conference! WhoreCast takes you inside the breaking news of the Sex Worker Rights movement in San Francisco.

Sex Worker Rights Day Video Playlist
Compiled by SWOP Michigan
A series of 8 selected videos showcasing different angles and opinions form various aspects of the sex industry. These selections are compiled by members of the Sex Worker Outreach Project in Michigan.

Last Rescue in Siam
A hilarious black and white movie inspired by the tradition of the old silent movies, which makes a farce of the very serious issue of “rescue” efforts in Thailand.

I Want You – Vote Yes on Prop K
by Sadie Lune
Sadie Lune presents this first person performance piece “I WANT YOU,” which won 1st Place at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on September 11, 2008.

A Rights-Based Perspective on Improving the Lives of People in the Sex Industry
by Audacia Ray
A video keynote speech Audacia Ray produced to be shown at the LOVER magazine conversation on sex work in Utrecht, Holland on June 23, 2010

Sex Worker Rights Music Video
by Scarlot Harlot & Courtney Trouble
The San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival premieres this sex worker anthem, Courtney Trouble’s “The Burnout”.

by Lusty Day, Beef Jerky, & KK via Scarlet Alliance
EVERY HO I KNOW SAYS SO is a response to the total lack of accessible online resources for people looking for advice on how to be a good date or lover or partner to a sex worker.